Milkweed: A Novel


“Five Stars” from the Midwest Book Review:

“MILKWEED is a fine story of tradition, compassion, and its clash with one’s own ambitions.”

Recommended by the Vietnam Veterans of America’s The VVA Veteran

From Richard Currey, author of Fatal Light and Crossing Over The Vietnam Stories:

“Deahn Berrini’s Milkweed is a gentle revelation, a story whose apparent simplicity belies an unsettling resonance … [She] has given us an American tapestry, filled with a vivid universe of kids on the edge, seekers, supplicants, the decent and the wayward and the lost, carried forward by a young woman’s quest for understanding as she prepares to launch her life … Milkweed reminds us that war stories are still the oldest, hardest and most telling and compelling tales we share.”

From Donna Moreau, author of Waiting Wives: The Story of Schilling Manor; Homefront to the Vietnam War:

“Milkweed is one of the rare stories about the Vietnam War that tell the tale of the women who wait for their young men to return from the battlefield … Berrini has crafted a fine story that will stay with the reader long after the final words are read.

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